Girls' Generation Goes to School (Korean: 소녀 학교에 가다), or GGTS for short, is a South Korean documentary reality show starring the popular South Korean girl group Girls' Generation.

Began airing at 4:00pm July 27, 2007 on The show documents the debut of the nine members of Girls' Generation and their associated troubles and ventures. Most of the episodes revolve around the group's unofficial debut and first public performances through the show, School of Rock. The group's first single, Into The New World is commonly used throughout the documentary.

There are a total of 9 episodes in the show. The official documentation ends at episode 7, with episode 8 being made up of mostly interviews and extra behind-the-scenes cuts. Episode 9 is an "encore" episode, in which the staff tricked the Girls' Generation members and took them to perform a guerilla concert at member Sunny's high school.


Girls' Generation's Factory Girl (Hangul: 소녀시대의 팩토리 걸) is a 2008 reality television show starring popular South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. The show revolves around the members of the group working as intern editors at Elle Girl Korea. The concept of the show was inspired by the 2006 hollywood movie The Devil Wears Prada.

On September 30, 2008, it was announced that Girls' Generation would be starring on a new reality show on cable channel M.Net. Factory Girl was intended to be the Korean reality version of the movie The Devil Wears Prada, with the nine members taking on the role of fashion editors for a magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults. The director, Kim Young-chan stated "Instead of simply saying that Factory Girlis a reality show with Girls' Generation as the main characters, it is rather a program combining reality, trends and celebrity", adding "please look forward to seeing a new side of Girls' Generation as fashion editors". The program premiered on October 8, 2008 at 6PM. The editor ofElle Girl Korea, Nam Yoon-hee, as well as other faculty, frequently appeared on the show to give the Girls' Generation members assignments and guidance.

The Girls' Generation members were instructed to write resumes before filming of the show began, which were later used to promote the show and posted up on the official website. The editor Nam Yoon-hee as well as one of Girls' Generation's managers then traveled to the members' shared apartment to rate the individual members' fashion senses. Yoona was filmed in secret while working at the set for her drama You Are My Destiny and Sunny was filmed in secret while out shopping with a friend, while Taeyeon was filmed with help from Kang-inof Super Junior with whom she co-hosted MBC FM Chinhan Chingu radio show at the time. The editor noted, "On the whole, Girls' Generation has a good personal fashion sense", adding "they send a message that you can fully follow fashion trends if you just express your individual personality".
The members of Girls' Generation eventually split into two groups to compete when doing assignments, with Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Yuriand Yoona in the 'A' team and with Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Seohyun in the 'B' team. In a playful discussion at the end of the first episode, the members later rename the 'A' and 'B' teams 'Candy Girls' and 'Dream Girls' respectively.


After the cancellation of the show Dae-mang (Hangul: 대망), Horror Movie Factory was introduced as MBC's new Sunday Sunday Nightprogram alongside Quiz Prince (Hangul: 퀴즈프린스) in early May. A press conference was held at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan,Gyeonggi-do to announce the new show. The show revolves around the members of Girls' Generation going through acting exercises and games under the instruction of comedians Kim Shin-Young, Jo Hye-Ryun and Yoo Saeyoon, who are the 3 MCs on the show. The first 3 episodes revolve around the members in a haunted-school horror film-like acting test, while the last 3 show the members receiving direct instruction from actor Lee Bumsoo. The show premiered on May 3, 2009.
EpisodeBroadcast DateEpisode Summary
1May 3, 2009The other group members set up a hidden-camera prank to trick TaeyeonTiffanyJessicaSeohyun and Sunny are sent on a mission in the garden of a supposed 'haunted house' and run back screaming, having rehearsed earlier. Taeyeon, SooyoungHyoyeon and Yuri as well as a well-known spiritual expert enter the haunted house, where Yuri proceeds to act as if she is possessed by the ghost of a young child. Taeyeon is made to participate in several rituals that will 'exorcise' the ghost.
2May 10, 2009The girls and MCs meet up at the set at a school building and pair up to have pillow fights, as an emotion exercise. The first pair are Taeyeon and Sunny who fight over their height. Tiffany and Seohyun are the second pair; Tiffany goads Seohyun but fails to make her angry. Sooyoung, Seohyun and Taeyeon then do weather forecasts while portraying different emotions or characters. Tiffany and Jessica are sent to do a horror acting test in a science lab, while Taeyeon and Sunny, then Sooyoung and Seohyun undergo horror tests in the arts classroom.
3May 17, 2009The girls split into two groups and compete by trying to make their opposition laugh by making funny expressions. They then practice their character immersion and improvisation skills by acting out several scenarios. Taeyeon, Sunny and Sooyoung then separately act out scenarios in a haunted school infirmary setting; Sooyoung is selected by the MCs as the best performer of the night.
4May 31, 2009Lee Bumsoo joins the show. He sits unseen in the bus as the Girls' Generation members are driven to the filming location and talk about him. The girls go to a supermarket where they choose gifts to buy for Lee Bumsoo, splitting into a short group and tall group. The haunted school setting from the previous episodes is replaced with an outdoor setting at a park and a bright indoor set. Several members then have one on one acting lessons with the actor.
5June 7, 2009The Girls' Generation members have an outdoor game session, competing in several ways such as limbo and doing the splits. Several members have one on one acting lessons with Lee Bumsoo, acting out different scenarios.
6June 14, 2009The members have a ssireum (Korean wrestling) match, play a modified version of American football and fight while wearing large body-suits. The members then have to re-enact a scenes from movies or dramas while under different circumstances or interpreted in different ways. Lee Bumsoo chooses Sunny as best performer of the 5 winners.

2009: HimNaeRa Him
Girls' Generation's Himnaera Him! (Hangul: 소녀시대의 힘내라 힘!; lit. Girls' Generation's Cheer Up!), is a South Korean television reality show starring the popular Korean girl group Girls' Generation. The show and cast operated under the goal of being the Republic of Korea's cheering squad, with the intention of cheering up the citizens during an economic slump.

After the cancellation of the MBC Sunday Sunday Night program "Dae-mang" (대망), it was replaced by a new variety show starring Girls' Generation titled "Girls' Generation's Horror Movie Factory" (Hangul: 소녀시대의 공포 영화 제작소). This show too however, was unable to raise the ratings of the MBC corner and was cancelled after a 6 episode run. It was announced that a new show starring the popular group titled 'Himnaera-Him!' or 'Cheer Up!' was chosen to take the timeslot, and began airing the week after the last episode of Horror Movie Factory. However, as the group released their new EP 'Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)' and became busier with promotions, the show was discontinued after only 2 episodes when the group's management decided to have them leave the MBC Sunday Sunday Night segment. On the broadcast date of the final episode of Cheer Up!, it was announced the group would be starring in a new reality show on KBS rather than MBC titled Girls' Generation's Hello Baby, for which the group received a much more positive reaction than anything previously done on MBC's Sunday Sunday Night segment.

Episode 1
In this episode, the Girls' Generation members (excluding Yoona) along with the MCs of the show meet up and introduce the concept of the show at the MBC Dream Center, calling themselves the Republic of Korea's civil cheering squad. The cast then head to a bus rigged with cctv monitors hooked up to a tiny camera installed in a pair of sunglasses, as well as a few hand-held cameras. The first half of the show consists of the members pretending to be normal civilians and infiltrating different restaurants and ordering samgyeopsal, and trying to weigh the meat on a hidden scale without being caught. The goal is to find an honest store that gives the correct amount of meat for the paid price. The second part of the episode has the members splitting into teams and helping promote the honest stores as a competition to see which group can generate the most profit.

Episode 2
The second and last episode of the show revolves around a widowed Environment Maintenance Worker in Songpa-dong named Lee Hyesuk. A friend of Lee named Jung Kyusoon cooperates with the Cheer Up! production team and helps them in helping keep the set up a secret. Girls' Generation members Tiffany, Taeyeon and Sooyoung pose as workers at a restaurant where comedian Kim Shinyoung is acting as the manager while Jessica and Shin Junghwan act as customers. Jung Kyusoon is able to convince Lee Hyesuk to enter the store, after which she wins several "hit-or-miss" draws that allow her to eat for free and receive special prizes, not knowing that it has been set up so that it is impossible for her to lose. Afterward she attends a street event performed by Boom, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Sunny, where she wins prizes after answering quiz questions, although it has been set up so that she will win despite what she answers. The MCs have a meet up with Lee Kyusoon at the end of the show, at which the Girls' Generation members are finally able to introduce themselves properly to the woman and give her one last gift.

Girls' Generation's Hello Baby is a TV reality show by a famous South Korean girl groupGirls' Generation. The girls had experienced what motherhood is like by taking care of a baby boy for months.

They selected The Best Mom and The Worst Mom among the members according to their work for the day. Usually, for "The Best Mom", she would get a prize and a sticker on a chart that shows who was "The Best Mom" and the number of times with a picture of the member. Meanwhile, "The Worst Mom" would probably get a punishment such as cleaning up. Sometimes the dads would choose the "Best" and "Worst" or by the members (Girls' Generation) voting in the episode.


SunnyTiffany1 & 2
SunnyJessica3 & 4
YuriTiffany5 & 6
SooyoungYuri7 & 8
TiffanyYuri10 & 11
SooyoungYoonaSeohyunHyoyeonNone18 & 19
Episodes 22 all together


MC Mong1 & 2
Eun Ji Won5 & 6
Lee Min Woo
Shin Jung-hwan (guest)
7 & 8
Lee Hyeok-jae10 & 11
Han Min-kwan & Il Chool13
Park Hyun-bin17
Moon Hee-joon18 & 19
Gil Seong-joon20~until the end


NameGenderAge and born on
Cho Kyung-sanMale3 years old (born in 2008)


The show entitled “Right Now, It's Girls’ Generation” provides exclusive footage of the group's various routines from the time of their debut to the present. The show focuses around the “key to Girls’ Generation’s popularity” and also consists of interviews with Girls’ Generation super fans and their friends. The show is narrated by a male character who is an obsessive fan of the group, as well as his girlfriend who disapproves of the group (although later turns into a fan as well). Many fans disapproved of the stereoptypical presentation of a male otaku as well as Girls' Generation's fanbase, as the group entertains fans both male and female.
EpisodeBroadcast DateEpisode Summary
1April 10, 2010A story where the girlfriend of an otaku (obsessed) fan of SNSD tries to beat some sense into him, while behind the scenes footage from various shows featuring SNSD is shown through flashbacks.
2April 17, 2010
3April 24, 2010Starts off with footage of the SNSD members becoming ambassadors for Incheon Airport, and later features behind-the-scenes footage from SNSD's various music videos, including Into the New World, Girls' Generation, Kissing You, Gee, Genie, and Oh.
4May 1, 2010Features scenes from SNSD's first concert.


On November 21st, KBS2 TV ‘Star Life Theater‘ aired a Introducing the 9 distinct colors of Girls' Generation special, starring the ladies of Girls' Generation.
The Show present Girls' Generation's everyday life, fans will see how Girls' Generation lives and everything about them.
EpisodeBroadcast DateEpisode Summary
1November 21, 2011The program revealed footage of the girls who were waiting to perform their comeback stage on ‘Music Bank‘. Backstage, Taeyeon who was suffering from a sore throat croaked, “I’m a little worried because I don’t know what kind of sounds my throat will produce today“.
The episode of ‘Star Life Theater’ also revealed the day-to-day college life of members Seohyun, Yuri and Sooyoung. The girls opened up about what it’s like to be flocked by fellow students wherever they go and how they would like to be normal students. The show also followed the girls in New York City for their SMTOWN concert.
2November 22, 2011The girls took to the stage in Madison Square Garden to entertain the fans that have come to see them for the first time in America. We also looked back at some of the girls’ past and got to hear their stories about what it was like during their trainee years. Back in Korea, the girls were as busy as ever with a live radio program schedule late at night. Despite how tired they were, the girls performed admirably and even had a bit of fun after the show ended. We then crossed over to a new day and got to see Seohyun having fun with friends and studying hard at college. We finished off our previous recap by illustrating the girls’ worldwide appeal and a little surprise party for their manager.
The show ends with the girls shooting for "Music Bank".
3November 23, 2011The girls show off a playful side to themselves as Hyoyeon goes around with a camera recording her own little show. The girls then have to go to work. Sunny and Hyoyeon participate in the recording of “Invincible Youth Season 2.” Despite Hyoyeon not being in the best of condition, they all tried very hard during the recording to provide laughter and enjoyment to the viewers. We also got to see the Girls eating plentifully, disproving a lot of rumours about how the girls only eat one or two meals a day. That definitely wasn’t the case. We then followed Tiffany on her attempts to become a musical actor. We delved into some of her unfortunate past and got to see her work hard towards perusing her dreams. Lastly we moved over to the recording of KBS2 “Go! Dream Team Season 2” and watched the girls as they actively participated in an extremely physical recording despite their exhaustion.
4November 24, 2011The show starts with the girls who were at a fan sign event to celebrate the release of their 3rd album. The show follow Yuri at gym to exercise, despite their hectic schedules, she tries to exercise at least 3 times a week to maintain her stamina. It’s the next day some of the girls have to shoot a commercial. The program also present the story behind Yoona as an actress and behind Jessica at a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. The show continue with a footage of the girls in China at "Korea-China Music Festival".
The program ends with a comparison between girls now and the girls 4 years ago.
Girls' Generation and the Dangerous Boys is a 2011 South Korean variety television programme, starring nine-member girl group Girls' Generation. It aired on jTBCfrom December 18, 2011 to March 4, 2012 on Sundays at 19:30.
On 22 November 2011, JTBC announced that Girls’ Generation will be leading in the weekend variety programme, titled ‘Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys’, where they will act as mentors for teenage boys. In this program, Girls’ Generation members will transform into mentors for juvenile teenage boys.
JTBC said, “As Girls’ Generation are promoting "The Boys" in their busy schedule, they took up the challenge of being mentors for the first time in their lives. This is expected to become a hot topic. This program is especially meaningful as Girls' Generation has prepared opportunities for teenage boys to start anew. While approaching them with sincere attitude, Girls’ Generation is going to present another side of them.”
In January during episode 7, Hwang Yong-hyun left the dormitory and show. However, he returned in February at episode 9 to support the others during their guerrilla concert. His mentors, Yoona and Hyoyeon, would go on to help the remaining four.
In March 2012, a short behind-the-scenes of the filming was been released and fans have been voicing their admiration for Girls’ Generation’s serious attitude towards this program even though it is a reality show.
Park Kyung-kyu17 yearsGrade 1BusanTiffany & Sooyoung
Kim Seong-hwan18 yearsGrade 2KyunggiSunny
Gu Ji-soo18 yearsGrade 2GwangJuJessicaYuri
Kim Hui-hoon17 yearsGrade 1Kyungnam GeochangSeohyun & Taeyeon


Hwang Yong hyun19 yearsGrade 2SeoulYoona & Hyoyeon


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