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GIRLS' GENERATION made a sub-group which is consists of

They will release their mini-album "TWINKLE" on the 29th of April 2012.
The tracks of this album:
1. Twinkle
2. Baby Steps
3. OMG (Oh My God)
4. Library
5. Goodbye, Hello
6. Love Sick
7. Checkmate
8. Message from Girls' Generation


SNSD's True Plagiators (No offense, this is the truth)

First of all I apologize to those who will be offended by this post, I won't post if they're still in a limit I think that have not crossed the line. But this is different. I know SOSHI has a LOT of copycats. Starting from girlbands in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, et cetera, but all of those are nothing compared to this one girlband from Indonesia called Cherrybelle.

Here are the facts:
1. They are a girl band consists of 9 members. (Now they are 7 because 2 of their members are said to be too old to be in the group, so their management kicked them out. FYI, the 2 members are only 23/25)

2. They copied one of SNSD's song, KISSING YOU. Their song title is "Best Friend Forever"
watch @ YouTube link --->

3. When they were asked why they copied SNSD's song and their concept of a 9 member girlband, they said that before they debut, they didn't know that there was a 9 member girlband called SO NYEO SHI DAE, SNSD or Girls' Generation. WHICH was a COMPLETE LIE, because from what we know, there are 2 of their members who are S♥NE.
(The one wearing Jessica's sweater is a member of Cherrybelle, named Annisa)
(She even has SNSD's "The Boys" Korean version album. If she's not a fan, why would she go through so much trouble buying it)
(The short haired girl wearing Tiffany's sweater is named Gigi. Huge fan of Tiffany)

4. Copied SNSD's "HOOT" concept for their Commercial "Berry Good".
Only changed the color into purple.

5. The PEAK of my irritation is when Cherrybelle performed at SCTV Music Awards on April 2012.
They made an opening video which is EXACTLY THE SAME as "Girls' Generation 1st Asia Tour Opening"

With the concept, there were Goddess Statues, behind the statues is a Greek styled building

The statues cracked

Then the angels were born from the statues and flew to the sky.

Then they came down to earth, did a short walk, then transformed into human
wearing white hoodies, white short pants, and white boots.

Then they appeared one by one with their names and close-up.

(Sooyoung and Hyoyeon have no partners since the other 2 members of Cherrybelle were kicked out and they haven't found the replacement yet.)

Even the closing are the same!
Together they did a short walk with smoke, then their logo came from above them.

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